How To Make A Gamemaster’s Job Easier

While we recognize it is every business owner’s responsibility to try to make his or her customers happy, there are certain things escape room players can do to make their experience as fun as possible.

  1. Arrive sober, or close to sober. While this only applies to a small minority, nothing kills a group’s experience like the annoying drunk who thinks he or she is a laugh-riot. Fortunately, because we do not combine groups at Quandary, this can only happen if you allow it to happen. We often hear horror stories from escape room players who recount the time they were mixed into a group where a person (or worse, persons) was intoxicated to the point it ruined their experience. Don’t be that guy (or gal).
  2. Listen to the instructions. While this seems like common sense, it is actually uncommon. Escape room owners, when they socialize, share similar frustrating stories: players ignoring rules and instructions. The instructions are meant to help players be efficient and productive; when the host explains there is nothing under the rugs or furniture, and five minutes into the game, players are flipping over rugs and turning over furniture, someone was clearly not paying attention.
  3. Listen to the rules. Closely related to #2, but rules are meant to not only keep the player safe (“please do not climb or stand on the furniture”), they are also to help protect the puzzles and props that make up the room.
  4. A hint is meant to help. This should be obvious, but we are always surprised by the number of players who dismiss gamemaster’s hints, even when they are at a dead end. “We know that!”, and we think “Then why aren’t you doing that?”. Or, “I think they are trying to throw us off.” Really? The last 3 hints got you further along, but now the 4th one is a diversion? Remember, we want you to succeed, but we want you to work for it – that is where the fun lies.
  5. Think before you act. Considerate players recognize the room they are playing needs to be reset before the next waiting group can play. Keeping that in mind makes life easier for the gamemasters. Example: “This map is glued to the table, but I think I can peel it off with my nails!”. Do you really think we re-glue that map every time we re-set the room?
  6. If you can’t be early, be punctual. Most of the time, there are groups booked after your group. If you, or one of your party, is late, it impacts the next group. Don’t think in terms of a restaurant reservation (“we’re running late, but we’ll be close to on time”). Think in terms of a concert or play – whether you are on time or late, the show starts on time.
  7. Escape room owners, gamemasters, and staff strive to give players the most enjoyable and fun time they can. Following these suggestions makes it far easier for us to make that possible.

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