Frequently Asked Questions

Will strangers be paired with our group?
No. We want the experience to be your adventure, shared with your family and/or friends, not people you have never met. We wouldn’t want to play that way, and we don’t feel you should have to either.
Do I need to be physically fit to participate?
No, the challenges are cerebral, not physical. You will not be required to crawl, jump, climb or carry.

However, we are located on a second floor and have no elevator service. There is one straight flight of stairs to climb.

If we get stuck, will we receive a hint?
Yes, we will provide hints as necessary, unless you specify you do not want to receive any before starting.
Can I leave the room if I have to use the bathroom or take an emergency call?
Yes you may, but the clock will not be stopped. We encourage all participants to use the restrooms prior to play. If you must take a call, please do so outside of the room.
What if someone in our party is running late?
The game will start on time, which is why we encourage everyone in your party to arrive early. Any latecomers will be allowed into the room (after completing their waiver), but your group will obviously be at a disadvantage, and the experience will not be as enjoyable.
What if we show up with an extra player or two?
Not a problem, as long as your group does not exceed 8 people; the add-on price per player is $29.70 ($27 plus $2.70 State sales tax).
What is your cancellation policy?
You may re-schedule your event up to 24 hours prior to your booking without penalty (one time only). A full refund will be given for any cancellation made more than 48 hours prior to one’s booking. If your group has less than your reserved number when you arrive, you will be given a partial ($20) refund per person (you must have at least four in your group). If you wish to add a player or players to your team at the last minute, please bring cash per added player ($27.50 for Wed & Thurs / $29.70 for Fri, Sat or Sun), not to exceed 8 players per room.
Are there age restrictions?
Yes, the rooms are designed for adults, but young adults 13 years and older may play as long as a participating parent or guardian accompanies them as a player.
Is there on-site parking?
Yes, we have plenty of free private parking on our property.