Do’s and Don’ts

DO arrive early. Leave yourself sufficient time to find our location, park, climb the stairs to the second floor, introduce yourselves, and electronically sign your participation waiver.

If you normally wear glasses, contacts, or “cheaters”, do have them with you.

DO use the restroom prior to starting your adventure. You will not be locked in the escape room; so if you really need to use the facilities, so will be able to do so (but the clock will not stop). Likewise, if you feel overly stressed or anxious, simply leave through the unlocked door through which you entered.

We will ask you to put all cellphones, cameras, purses etc. into a container we provide, which you will bring with you into the escape room. If you have to access your phone for an emergency, please take the call outside the room (the clock will not stop). Remember, no photographs or recordings are allowed within the adventure rooms, nor is eating or drinking allowed. There will be an opportunity for photos at the conclusion of your mission.

Be a good teammate, and DON’T arrive intoxicated, or you will not be allowed to participate. Worse, you will not be given a refund or credit (we make the determination, not you).

As we run on a schedule, we will start your adventure on time. This means if someone in your party is running late, they will be allowed to join you and catch up. Realize that not only will this diminish the overall experience; it will put your group at a disadvantage to complete the mission. Think in terms of theatre tickets, not dinner reservations. With or without you, the show must go on.

DON’T use force or brute strength attempting to solve the puzzles. You are here to use your brain, not your brawn. All of the clues are located at eye level or lower, so there is no need to climb or stand on anything. Likewise, no clues are located beneath floorboards, so there is no reason to pry, dig or damage to access clues. If any property is damaged or destroyed because of overly aggressive play, the game will end and you will be asked to leave, without receiving a refund or credit.

DON’T put anything from the rooms in your pockets, such as keys, locks, clues, etc. If you find something, leave it on a table or desk so your teammates are aware of it.

Not every single thing in the room is a puzzle or clue, some are just props. If you see an item or object that has red tape on it, or it is above 6 feet in height, it is out of “play” and does not need to be handled, but still may be a clue.

In some scenario rooms you may find chalkboards and chalk, or dry eraser boards and markers. Please use the chalk or markers only on the boards themselves and nowhere else. Be considerate of future players.

All waivers and instructions are in English; we are located on a second floor and there is no elevator access to the premises.