2 Years and Counting

We are now approaching our 2 year anniversary, and wanted to thank you for being part of our journey. We began the buildout process in March of 2016, and opened our doors that October. We started with “twins”, a pair of The Wallingford Five rooms – which continue to be our most popular rooms. Teams love to compete against the clock – and each other!

We then began to design and build Son of The Zodiac. Again, we created a pair of rooms, but with a twist: Room A is designed for 4 – 6 players, while Room B is designed for 6 – 8 players. The distinction is Room B is slightly larger… and has a few more puzzles to solve.

Finally, we spent the summer of 2017 designing and building Operation: Gambit, our most ambitious creation to date. It is our favorite room to run, for obvious reasons to anyone that has played it.

Random Facts

5,000 square feet – How much space we lease, which includes our signature “very long, creepy hallway”, restrooms, waiting area, lobby, control room, storage rooms, workshop, and themed-rooms.

Over 1,000 – How many times teams have played our rooms.

22 gallons – How much black paint it required to cover just the ceilings.

3,661 – How many players have experienced The Wallingford Five as of July 2018.

20 – How many cameras monitor our property and rooms.

37:32 – Fastest time a group (4 players) has successfully completed The Wallingford Five without a single hint.

1856 – The year Silversmith Park – which was originally Wallace Silversmiths – was built.

60:00 – Fastest time a group has successfully completed Son of the Zodiac without a single hint (meaning, it has not happened).

35 – The largest number of players we have hosted for a single team-building event.

New T-Shirts are in!

Our talented resident artist, illustrator, game-master, and partner, Vilma Ortiz-Dillon, has designed our latest T-shirt, which is available for the ridiculously low price of $20!

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