Team Building

The Quandary is a perfect place to hold your next “team-building” event! Why? Because it is inclusive, fun, safe and directly related to the skills that you, as an employer, are trying to encourage: teamwork, problem solving, communication, creative thinking, and working under time constraints – in short, the world of business!

Most “team building” activities tend to favor the athletic, the coordinated or the fittest and exclude those with pre-existing injuries or limited physical ability. Not so at Quandary. Here everyone is on equal footing, as it is one’s cerebral skills that are challenged. What’s more, because we have two rooms that are identical to one another, groups can go head-to-head and compete for bragging rights (think accounting vs. advertising, management vs. staff, sales vs. production … whatever works for your particular group). Or, simply make up random teams and see which team can solve their way through their room first. While the focus is on fun, the necessary skills used in our rooms apply to the conditions of the business world.

Corporate rates are $200/room (plus tax) and each room will accommodate between 4-7 players. Because we have identically designed rooms, groups may play “Team vs. Team” if they choose. Reservations for corporate events may be made by contacting us by e-mail ( or phone (203-619-3008).